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How to make Successful Ad Billboards
 How to make Successful Ad Billboards

There are billions of  ad billboards around you . Several of these ads are good, and several are bad. Since advertising is expensive, it is important for us learn how to produce successful advertising billboards so we don’t waste any money on bad advertisements. This article will show you the secrets of producing successful ads.

Secret #1 – Simplicity

This is a very powerful yet most overlooked rule of design. The truth is that a clean, crisp, non-cluttered ad will outperform a clutter, hard to read ad.

The main purpose of an ad is to get people to purchase your product or service. The next objective of an ad is make people want to learn more about your product or service.

Secret #2 – Focus on a Benefit

Benefits sell, features do not!

People want to know what’s in it for them. They would rather know how your product can help them (benefits) instead of what your product can do (features.)

For example, let’s say you are a real estate agent and your company has just won the best real estate award possible. I know you’re proud of the award and you should be, but please don’t make the award a big part of your ads. People that are buying or selling property would rather know that your agency will list their property on-line for convince and to time-savings.

Secret #3 – Appeal to your target market

Don’t try to make your ad appeal to everyone. Design your layout so it will appeal to your target market. Your ad response rate will be greater this way.

Remember each of us is in a different stages of life, and we all want different things. Once you find out what stage of life your target market is in, then you can make your ads reflect their emotional status.

Secret #4 – Emotional Appeal

Design your ads in a way that will show consumers how your product or service will make them feel. This is a very effective marketing technique because ads us subliminal messages that will make us feel a certain way about your product or service.

Kay’s Jewelers ads are a good example of this technique. These ads always show happy people that exchange jewelry, hugs and kisses. When we view or hear these ads, we feel warm, loving, and happy. After seeing these ads several times, we start to associate warm, loving and happy feelings towards Kay Jewelers.

Secret #5 – Eye Catching & Unique

Ever since I was little, I was always told to “color inside of the lines” and “you have to color apples red instead of blue.” When I colored things the same way every else did, my work got lost in the crowd because it looked the same as everyone else’s.

In advertising the rules have changed. It’s ok to be different; in fact it’s great to “think outside of the box.” Some of the best advertisements are so effective because they are completely different from all the other ads.

Decide what is the single most important part of your advertising billboards. Then find a way to make it stand out more than anything else. Arrange the advertising billboard so the human eye will see the most important item first, then the second most important item, and so on.

Secret #6 – Colors

According to, “Psychologists have suggested that color impression can account for 60% of the acceptance or rejection of that product or service.” The human eye is attracted to the colors red and yellow before any other color. Yellow backgrounds with black text is the most effective color combination.

Each color has different meanings to different cultures. For advertising purposes, it is extremely important to design your ads in a way that appeals to your target market. Try to choose colors that will compliment the message you are sending to your consumers.

Secret #7 – Copy

Use as little words as possible. Try to use words that catch attention like powerful, amazing, shocking, and revealing.

Be sure the copy you use will be legible for your audience. Use fonts that are clear, easy to read and big enough for each particular ad.

Also be sure your ads have a smooth flow. Viewers may get confused if your ads constantly jump from one topic to another.

Secret #8 – Creditability

An ad will not be effective if no one believes it. You can have the most creative, colorful, and eye-catching ad, but if people read your ad and say “Yeah, Right,” than your ad will not be profitable. For example, an ad that says “Earn $100,000 a week with XYZ product” will not be as believable as an ad that says “Increase your sales by 20% with XYZ product.”

Secret #9 – Problems Sell

People always want help with things and are always looking for easier ways to do things. Make your ads help them and solve a certain problem your consumers have.

Try to start your ads with a question that allows your product to be the answer. Here are a common few examples:

· “Is your cold keeping you up all night?”

· “Are you tired watching your weight?”

· “Do you want to be your own boss?”

· “Is your cellular phone bill as low as possible?”

· “Are you unhappy with your current internet service?”

Secret #10 – Call to Action

Don’t forget to tell people what you want them to do after they see your ad. Don’t be afraid to come right out and say “Order Now,” “Call Today!” or “Visit our web-site at”

Secret #11 – Advertiser Recognition

Don’t forget to put your name and / or logo on all your ads. Make sure they are big enough to be seen. There’s nothing worse than seeing a great ad and wondering who the advertiser was.

Secret #12 – Tie it all together

Make sure your graphics, words, slogans, and so on make sense when used together. If your viewers have to ask what your ad has to do with your product than it won’t be effective.

Secret #13 – Memorable

Successful ads make a lasting impression on everyone. Give your ads something special and unique that will help make your ads memorable.

Good examples of this are: The AFLAC duck, the “Whats up?” telephone commercials, Wendy’s “Where’s the beef?” from the 80′s, and Verizon’s “Can you hear me now?” commercials.

Secret #14 – Repetition

Your ads will look more professional if you use the same fonts and colors as often as possible.

The average person must see an advertising billboard 7 times before they remember it. Once you’ve found an advertising billboard that produces results, use it everywhere and as often as possible. This will brand your advertising billboard into consumers’ minds.