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Highway Billboards
 Highway Billboard

Billboard size : 18x6m(60' x 20' , any size according to your  billboard project requirements , odd-sizes and extensions also available)

Material : galvanized steel

What is the best way to advertise my business? The correct answer is  Highway Billboards, or “Bulletins,” are some of the most cost-effective and noticeable advertisements. Located on high-traffic expressways, major roads, intersections and choke points to all major cities, highway Billboards offer you unparalleled advertising locations. Bulletin advertising puts you in touch with our increasingly mobile population – and with adjacencies to major shopping areas, billboards are the perfect point-of-purchase media.

Month-long presence and tremendous visibility to vehicular traffic allow Billboards on highways to reach on-the-go commuters and influence their purchasing decisions at just the right time. Offering one of the largest formats for creative advertising, Bulletin advertising provides the high-impact canvas you need to make a major splash in your market.